If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done before.


Many organizations claim to implement IoT, Big Data, and Analytics. Many have pulled Github repos down on the vast and ever-growing Technology cloud native ecosystem. However, very few have > 100 man-years of hands-on development and operational expertise in relation to these domains. Ongoing research and education are crucial for the Klarrio team and while we fulfil our years of R&D presence we will always act according to our listed core values.

What we stand for

Our Values

Open Community & Source

Innovation is never conducted in isolation

No Stereotyping

Pigeonholing is left at the front door


Arrogance is not an option


Exercise your passion


Be genuine, Be open-minded


Learning never stops

Meet the team

Let us help you

Kurt Jonckheer

CEO & Founder

Dirk Van de Poel

CPO & Founder

Martin Braem


Bruno de Bus


Michael Burns


Karen Leys

HR Business Partner

Bram Stes

Lead Core R&D

Dominique Chanet

Lead Architect

Mario Vitale

Lead SRE

Bart Vercammen

Full IoT Stack Architect

Giselle Van Dongen

Lead Data Scientist

Mathias Syx

Data Scientist

Tijl Carpels

Data Scientist

Robin De Pauw

Data Scientist

Roel Van Nyen

Lead Infra & Automation

Ruben Smets

Infra & Automation

Stanislav Yotov

Infra & Automation

Nick Van Rymenant

Infra & Automation

Lander Visterin

Infra & Automation

Chinthan EP

Cloud Test Engineer

Tim Wuyts

Cloud Software Engineer

Yennick Trevels

Full IoT Stack Engineer

Daniel Vangrieken

Full IoT Stack Engineer

Jelle Pelfrene

Full IoT Stack Engineer

Gert Verbruggen

Data Engineer

Tobi Smethurst

Software Developer

Malak Al Zoubi

Art Direction & Design


Motion Graphics & Video Editor

Jeff Green

Technical Writer

Elizabeth Higgins

Contracts & IP

Yoni Van der Taelen

Product Manager

Peter Bettens

Technical Writer

Maarten Van Wauwe

Business Processes

Geert Martens

Technical Account Manager

Sue Hee Seo

Office Manager

Najia Zekria


Theun Kohlbeck

Tooling & IT
Klarrio NL

Jibi Makkar

Site Reliability Engineer
Klarrio NL


Your super power


Your super power


Your super power


Your super power


CTO Klarrio DE


Your super power


Your super power


Your super power


Your super power


Your super power

Wagdy Samir

CEO Klarrio Australia

Vincent Quigley

CTO Klarrio Australia

Mark Aquilina

COO Klarrio Australia

Ammar Ahmed

Software Engineer
Klarrio Australia

Tam Ho Huu Minh

Data Scientist
Klarrio Australia

Eric Wang

Site Reliability Engineer
Klarrio Australia

Tejas Waje

Site Reliability Engineer
Klarrio Australia

Shu Cheng

Software Engineer
Klarrio Australia

David Lamb

Site Reliability Engineer
Klarrio Australia


Your Super Power


Your Super Power


Your Super Power

Jim Smith

CEO Klarrio US

Ed Elze

CPO Klarrio US

Ted Morris

CDO Klarrio US

Fiodar Zboichyk

CTO Klarrio US

Newman Hui

Site Reliability Engineer
Klarrio US

Kiefer Smith

Site Reliability Engineer
Klarrio US

Klarrio’s Advisors

Frans Jonckheer

Ex Special Projects Siemens ATEA

Bert Oosterhof

EMEA CTO & Advisor at Trifacta

Tony Verbeke

Ex-CEO Siemens ATEA & CEO Soulco NV

Dirk van den Poel

Prof Big Data Analytics at Ghent University

Working with us


Klarrio is a young, rapidly growing Cloud Native Services Integrator specializing in Internet of Things platforms, Big Data, Analytics, new data governance and go to market deployments.

We provide services in three core areas—Data Engineering & Devops, Data Science & Analytics, and Site Reliability Engineering—and we specialize in providing cloud-based streaming solutions to organizations with complex integration requirements and massive volumes of bidirectional data flow.

By leveraging our skills and insights we accelerate, facilitate, and assist our customers in making sense of all the marketing buzzwords—such as scalability, elasticity, cloud native, and the many Apache Open Source projects—in order to bridge the gaps between deployed and future platform architectures.

  • We will introduce you to a new world and accelerate your skills
  • We expect respect towards customers, colleagues, and competitors, regardless of race, gender, age, personal challenges, and education levels
  • A competitive compensation package
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement planning
  • Mobility Package
  • A work environment where we want to get things done, lean and mean
  • Internal and external training programs to grow your skills

What is your superpower?

Join Us

Introverts and extroverts, geeks and nerds, superheroes and computer poets are welcome to join our team in our cozy townhouse and modern annex. It’s the perfect place to learn and teach, experiment and brainstorm, exercise your brain and feed your passion. And count yourself amongst people with amazing, world-changing talent.

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